Why Treasure Island Resort and Casino Hotel Is The Perfect Holiday Destination?

Treasure Island Resort and Casino Hotel is located in the heart of Nassau County in Florida. Its beautiful beachfront property, private beach and warm hospitality make it a favorite of travelers from all over the world. This perfect location allows guests to experience all that Treasure Island Resort and Casino Hotel has to offer without any additional traveling.

A beautiful, comfortable and spacious room in Treasure Island Resort and Casino Hotel gives you the feeling of being close to the action. You can choose from rooms that are air-conditioned or those that are heated. If you like the look of a cozy bed, you can choose a queen or king sized bed with a king-sized dresser.

While staying at Treasure Island Resort and Casino Hotel, you will be close to the action, as well as having all the modern amenities. One of the main areas of the resort offers all the required facilities such as a game room and an attached restaurant.

A wide selection of food, wine and beverages are offered in the rooms of Treasure Island Resort and Casino Hotel. There are many fine dining options for both your lunch and dinner. One of the most popular choices in this area is the German cuisine. In addition, there are also plenty of choices for the night clubs that are set up in the areas.

For your wedding reception, Treasure Island Resort and Casino Hotel provide both indoor and outdoor wedding facilities. Choose from wedding receptions that are open to the public or one of the private wedding ceremonies that are only for the invited guests. There are also lounges and tables for family and friends to sit and enjoy each other’s company.

The Treasure Island Resort and Casino Hotel offer complete entertainment options, whether you are going to have a party or entertainment for your special occasion. If you want to give your guests a little something special before the event, you can book a little time to get their reservations. You can have cocktails at the party or you can take the pampering to the next level by booking their babysitters to watch the children while you go out to the casino.

Once you have chosen your spot, you can start looking around Treasure Island Resort and Casino Hotel for accommodations. You can choose from private beach homes, beach cabanas and bungalows. You can also choose a central park, luxury villas or oceanfront residences for your stay.

If you are planning a family vacation or a romantic getaway, Treasure Island Resort and Casino Hotel will give you the ideal place to relax and unwind. The splendid views and calm waters of the Atlantic Ocean, combined with the friendly service and gracious hospitality at this resort, make it a winner.