Treasure Island Hotel and Casino MN – Stay in Style at Treasure Island in Minneapolis

While most of the talk about Treasure Island Hotel and Casino MN has been positive, a recent visit left me a little doubtful. Is the site still as good as it was when it first opened in 1978?

With a population of just over fifty thousand people, Minnesota is a very small town but that doesn’t mean that the resort doesn’t offer something for everyone. For example, there are two casinos, both of which are massive and cost an arm and a leg to run; still, they have an excellent kitchen service, stellar service with great food and it has a relatively decent casino machine game selection.

The casino machines in MN are full of high limit and low limit games, which are both very popular. The low limit machines are a little harder to find because they are a little farther out from the rest of the casino floor, but they are worth looking for. In the high limit area they are relatively easy to spot because they are placed right next to each other but their availability is limited to what I experienced.

Just like any other casino, there are two types of video poker machines available in MN. The other video poker machines are found in the VIP room and they are of the same style as regular machine locations. They offer a great selection of games for the player to choose from, including a combination game table and a roulette table.

At the front of the MN casino floor is the LED board which is the same for every machine except one and this is because the back of the machine is different. The color of the LED board is determined by the manufacturer and the one I saw in MN was a white LED.

The others were all yellow LED’s but they vary in brightness depending on where they are located. It would appear that they use the same infrared technology. Also, be sure to pay attention to the lighting and condition of the LED lights when playing on the high limit machines in the MN.

On top of everything else, when we arrived at the MN, we were greeted with a fairly lengthy line of people waiting to get in the casino. The line didn’t take too long to go through but it did take a while. This was after a long day in the sun and we had been looking forward to getting in for some time.

At the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino MN, we were treated to some of the best service that I have ever had in a casino and I am sure it wasn’t cheap. If you are looking for a real fun-filled, exciting casino experience, this is the place to go.