Treasure Island Hotel and Casino Las Vegas NV – Live up to Its History

treasure island hotel and casino las vegas nv

Treasure Island Hotel and Casino Las Vegas NV – Live up to Its History

Treasure Island Hotel and Casino NV are the newest addition to the Las Vegas National Register of Historic Places. Built by the J. P. Murdock Co. and the Tod Co., the hotel was known as the Stagmont Hotel in Nevada. The Casino opened in February, 1978.

While many people associate the Stagmont with the town of Las Vegas itself, this was only one of several hotels built in the early part of the twentieth century in a subdivision located near the Hollywood Gold Rush. Since then, this has been the home of many of the biggest names in entertainment. As such, it was also a center for the area’s culture. It was a place for many rich and famous to party, gamble, and dine.

In fact, the Stagmont was so popular that it was dubbed the “Boulder of the West.” There were countless movies filmed there. In the 1950s, such movies as The Godfather, and Lawrence of Arabia were shot at the Stagmont. In the 1960s, the Hotel and Casino hosted Elvis Presley, who performed at the site of his famous “Hollywood Bowl” concerts. In the early 1970s, as well, Elvis actually recorded a concert there.

This was a popular destination for many famous and well-to-do in the years leading up to the turning of the millennium, when the world’s top entertainers were seen mingling and doing business at the Stagmont. This trend only continued. When the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino were constructed on the grounds of the now-closed Wild Horse Pass Resort and Casino, it was like another added attraction to the region.

Since its opening, the casino has become an integral part of the Las Vegas scene. Nowhere is this more evident than at the Treasure Island Club, a karaoke bar housed in the Casino. The entertainment here is often held in the large, airy lounge, which features large movie screens. This is where you will find the very best of entertainment in the Las Vegas National Register of Historic Places. Known for its karaoke competition, it is one of the most fun things to do in the area.

Another feature of the casino that makes it one of the most interesting places to go is its focus on “poker-as-a-service.” At this location, you will find five state-of-the-art poker tables, in addition to a cashier, betting room, and separate gaming room. While many of the other areas of the casino offer just a single table, the Poker Room is unique in that it offers such luxurious amenities. You can even access your online account from the Poker Room itself, without leaving the casino.

The Art Deco design of the casino combines this modern style with elements of the old to create a style that is in vogue today. There are some of the oldest, if not the oldest, images in use at the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino. In addition, you will find state-of-the-art technology that includes many LED screens, and high definition television monitors. Many of the area’s top theatres, such as the Cirque du Soleil, use the technology here as well.

In addition to all of the fun, excitement, and entertainment, there are many travel options available to travelers who are looking for a stay in the Nevada desert. Two Las Vegas hotels are listed in the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino’s class of “A” hotels. Both can be easily found at either the Convention Center or at the Luxor Resort and Casino.