Treasure Island Hotel and Casino – Las Vegas

Treasure Island Hotel and Casino Las Vegas Nevada are the top destination for sports fans, tourists and business professionals. It is also the first choice for many world-class hotels when looking for a Vegas destination.

Guests can enjoy their stay while visiting the Old Flamingo Hotel in the Eddy Gator Rock Casino. It has indoor climbing walls and other rock climbing challenges. The “toughest experience” there is to do is a climb the corkscrew towers.

Casinos in Vegas offer world-class entertainment for guests. The Monte Carlo Casino is known for its variety of rooms, food and activities. It is also known for it’s delicious cuisine. There is several MGM Resorts Casino which offers world-class dining and dancing.

Guests can enjoy one of the many shows in this hotel including Cirque du Soleil, Cirque Du Freak. If your child wants to watch a Cirque show he can do so in the Live Show Theatre where they can get the feel of what it is like. There are activities in the hotel to entertain children, from softball games to pool to learn how to play the French horn.

The Loews Grand Resort & Casino have rooms that are large and luxurious. The suites have flat screen televisions, silver centerpieces, extra large beds and personal chefs. The rooms are elegant and sophisticated with two-star amenities and a continental breakfast daily.

The Bellagio Hotel and Casino is known for its restaurants and nightlife. The restaurants offer gourmet and casual dining with large menu selections. You can visit the casino during the day or at night with nightly shows featuring the likes of Cirque du Soleil.

The Bellagio Hotel and Casino have the top of the line entertainment in the form of shows and theatres. The new addition to the Bellagio is the Performing Arts Center. It includes ballet, tap, jazz, drama, musicals and more.

Other unique attractions in the Las Vegas area include The Thomas & Mack Center for the Performing Arts and the Henderson Planetarium. The city of Las Vegas also offers fantastic shopping opportunities. It offers everything from fine dining, shops and entertainment, to beautiful beaches and fine shopping.