The Luxury Villa Hotel and Casino – Treasure Island Las Vegas

The Treasure Island Hotel and Casino Las Vegas, are a splendid Vegas luxury villa complete with ten unique rooms and two superb restaurants, buffet, gourmet market, fun shop, lounge, movie theatre, pools, bar and spa. The hotel offers its guests with everything they need to celebrate their very best holidays. The hotel is open seven days a week, 365 days a year. This hotel offers members of the El Charro organization many additional benefits and features that they may find in other luxury villas in the Las Vegas area.

treasure island hotel and casino las vegas

In this article, we will be discussing the rooms and views of the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino Las Vegas. We will see how the views and the other features of the hotel are designed to suit each individual as well as the budget.

The other benefits that you get from the Las Vegas luxury villa that is the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino Las Vegas, is the proximity to all the fun and amusement that the Las Vegas has to offer. Also, you get to enjoy some of the greatest entertainment at your best rates.

In a luxury villa, you get three bedrooms, each with its own living room, kitchen and bathroom. Another feature of this luxurious Las Vegas villa is that you get a view of the spectacular stretch of blue ocean that makes up part of the Las Vegas Beach. The view of the shimmering blue sea makes this a perfect vacation location in the world of las Vegas luxury villas.

The Treasure Island LVV Villa in Las Vegas is one of the finest luxury villas in the world. The rooms are spacious and have windows that have panoramic views of the blue ocean. The rooms have large hallways and are decorated beautifully in red, white and blue.

You will also find a fully-equipped bar in the Treasure Island LVV Villa in Las Vegas. The bar is very well organized with the drink and beer taps. The main bar is equipped with one large round table and a few small tables to make room for game play.

The other wonderful features of the Treasure Island LVV Villa in Las Vegas, is the extensive promenade that leads out onto the blue sea. It is the longest on-ramp to the blue sea of the entire Vegas.